Want To Get Your Child Into A Premier Dance Program Later In Life? Where You Should Start First

Want To Get Your Child Into A Premier Dance Program Later In Life? Where You Should Start First

Want To Get Your Child Into A Premier Dance Program Later In Life? Where You Should Start First

19 January 2019
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If you are planning your entire future around getting accepted into an advanced school of talent, you have to start young, and you have to start somewhere else. For dancers, this means selecting a dance studio of good caliber and studying one form of dance intensely, while studying accompanying forms of dance moderately. If your son or daughter is about eight or nine, and he/she loves dance, here is how to put them on the right track to a premier performing arts school. 

Pick a School With a Focus

Pick a dance school for your child that has a focus. This can be ballet, tap, or modern dance, since those are the three primary and accepted forms of dance taught at premier dance schools. Your child should learn a little of all of these, but he/she should choose one in particular on which to focus his/her time, talent, and dedication. Ergo, pick a ballet school that offers side classes in other types of dance, or pick a tap school that offers a little jazz, modern, and ballet. 

​Pick a School With Side Disciplines

​If you choose a really good ballet school, do they offer anything else? It is not bad if they do not, and your child is bent and intent on learning ballet. However, if your child is going to make a career of this, and wants to attend a premier school at a high school or college level, part of the audition for such schools is a demonstration of the knowledge of other forms of dance. If the ballet school offers nothing but ballet, find another school outside of the ballet school that can teach your child another form of dance, and have your child attend classes at both schools.

​Re-evaluate Goals Every Two Years

It helps to sit down with your child and discuss what he/she thinks about dance every couple of years. Dance is a progressive learning experience that builds on everything that was taught in previous years, and it does get harder and harder. If your child should decide that dance is not a career choice, he/she can still take classes for enjoyment and exercise. On the flip side, if your child still wants to dance and reach the professional level, you can keep working toward that major goal. He or she should keep learning different forms of dance, and practicing techniques. Refining and honing one's skills is vital to becoming a professional dancer, and a dance studio can help.

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