Unusual Place To Meet That Special Someone

Unusual Place To Meet That Special Someone

Unusual Place To Meet That Special Someone

15 February 2018
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In an era in which meeting someone has turned into a sort of video game -- swipe left, swipe right, anyone? -- making a real connection with another person isn't always easy. The bar scene can be intimidating for a lot of people and might not fit everyone's lifestyle. If you're not into the bar scene and not into dating technology, how do you meet that special someone? Read on for some tips. 


Taking a class is a fantastic way to meet people. You'll be in a room with people who share a common interest with you, and most adult education teachers know that part of the reason adults take classes is to meet new people. Take a class that will force you to interact with others. Acting classes are a great choice. You'll often be partnered off with different people in acting classes to practice scenes, and that can be a great way to meet someone new. Cooking classes and art classes are also wonderful options. Any class in which students will naturally interact provides a low-pressure opportunity to meet someone.  

Join a Club

Take a look at clubs or groups in your area that interest you. Book clubs, local groups promoting a cause and writing groups are all good options. Clubs are groups are less formal and less expensive than a class, but still allow you to interact with people who share an interest with you. Check out the local library or church for groups, read the bulletin board at your favorite coffee shop or ask around. If you can't find a group or club that interests you, start your own!

Get Physical

Approaching someone at the gym, though it can be done with finesse, is a tricky prospect. But if you're interested in a little exercise, that doesn't mean it's impossible to meet someone who shares that interest. Grab your furry best friend and hang out at the dog park. Once you get into a routine you're bound to start seeing the same people over and over. If you live near the water, look into sailing or kayak lessons. Or see if there's a local company that puts together hiking excursions in your area. 

Singles Nights

Don't be put off by singles nights. Remember that everyone there is attending for the same reason you are. In large cities, museums often host singles nights where you can grab a drink and discuss works of art with others. Some cities organize singles nights for professionals, which can be fun as long as you don't mix business with pleasure. Then, of course, there's the classic speed dating. These events are everywhere and provide a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of people without wasting a lot of time on people who don't make your knees weak. 

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